For Turkish Students

Enrolment Place:  It will be announced from the address (enrolment announcement link) before the enrolment date.

Enrolment Date:

Enrolment Hours: 08:45-13:00/14:00-16:45

Courses will start immediately after enrolment and students with a valid excuse will be able to register until ………………. After completing your enrolment, you can take the English Proficiency Exam to determine your English level (detailed information is available on the following pages).


Transportation to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is provided by air and sea routes. In both cases, it is possible to get a bus from the nearest bus terminal to Kyrenia and to our campus located in the centre of Kyrenia.

Enrolment Procedures

The documents required for enrolment are listed below. If the documents required for enrolment are not in Turkish or English, the translations must also be delivered. Please note that we will not be able to complete your enrolment until you have submitted these documents in full.

For Turkish National prospective students;

  1. Original Exam Result Document (YGS / LYS etc.),
  2. Diploma of High School or recent official graduation certificate,
  3. 12 recent passport size photos,
  4. Recent certificate of residence from the concerned local authority (mukhtar),
  5. Copy of Identity Card,
  6. Health Report,
  7. For the male candidates, the related military document saying “There is no inconvenience in terms of military service for enrolling to a faculty or academy”.
  8. Bank receipt for payment of health insurance fee,
  9. Bank receipt for payment of enrolment and tuition fee of one academic year,
  10. If any, TOEFL or IELTS exam result.

Important Information

  • Your documents must be complete for enrolment. Otherwise your enrolment will not be completed.
  • Enrolment of the students who held TOEFL or IELTS exams results or had been successful in the English Placement Examination and are entitled to enrol in the first grade will be made between the enrolment dates specified in the academic calendar.
  • There is student card and number for each student. Student cards will be delivered to the students on the designated date after enrolment.