Looking into career paths after obtaining a BA Plastic Arts Degree

ARUCAD’s Department of Plastic Arts has a vision of developing, improving and raising the values and production of art-making in Cyprus and the wider Mediterranean region. Thus, our priority is to instil critical thinking at the core of our students’ professional development where their creative thinking abilities can grow alongside their applied artistic skill-set; and ultimately launch their careers in the international sphere as confident and creative individuals.

Our graduates will gain a wide-range of sophisticated skills in the fields of Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking, Ceramics, Glass and interdisciplinary approaches that tap into Digital and New Media Art.

Graduates from BA Plastic Arts program will be equipped to become professional independent practitioners in the international art scene including finding work in:

  • Galleries, museums
  • Private artists’ studios
  • The media and media production
  • Journalism
  • Arts administration
  • Art-related law
  • Procurement
  • Commissioned based-work / projects
  • Community art centers / projects
  • Practice-led independent studios
  • Teaching at different levels
  • Communications
  • Public service
  • Social activism
  • Wider creative industries
  • Continuing postgraduate studies
  • Not-for-profit and non-governmental organizations