Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts aims to accommodate the creative art practices and art theories strands at the edge of not only multi-disciplinary approaches but the trans-disciplinary at its essential structure. The Faculty of Arts is consisted of two departments namely Plastic Arts and Photography and Video part of the University of ARUCAD.


The Faculty of Arts is built around mainly on the contemporary needs and requirements to fill an intense and challenging creative strategies with an interdisciplinary manifestation in its participatory teaching environment. This is formulated by crucial art forms of the 21st century. Bearing this in the mind, the Faculty of Arts holds a unique position with a primary focus on bringing different critical perspectives on art as well as creative processes in visual culture that propagates the production of knowledge towards research-led teaching.

That is here and this is when; this raises the issues with how we can implement a unique experience for the students to explore a creative platform in its eventualities.

I am fortunate to work within a team of zealous and dedicated academics and professional practitioners in my role as Dean of Faculty of Arts at ARUCAD. And, my faculty colleagues play a crucial and vigorous role with their energy and knowledge in the field of their expertise in the success of the faculty.

I am proud to be affiliated with these flourishing endeavors at the edge of its strong vision of interdisciplinary reflections as this is unmistakably revealed within the remits of the University of ARUCAD.

Prof. Dr. Turan Aksoy